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AS3340 - Voltage Controlled Oscillator ( VCO )
From $5.39

Kassutronics VCO 3340 Kit

8hp VCO from Finnish designer Kassutronics. Utilizing the AS3340, this module supplies saw, triangle, pulse and sine waveforms.
$99.59 $84.65


AS3340-HYB Voltage Controlled Oscillator for circuits where requirements on influence of PWM signal on frequency are strict.
$17.99 $16.19

Kassutronics Ladder Filter Kit

8hp filter with traditional transistor ladder core. Designed by Finnish engineer Kassutronics. This kit includes all components for building this module.
$79.99 $67.99

Kassutronics Dual VCA

Dual VCA based on the AS3360.
$75.99 $64.59