SetonixSynth Boing! Discrete Transistor Low Pass Gate Kit

Manufacturer: SetonixSynth

Boing! from SetonixSynth is a Light Dependent Resistor-controlled low pass gate. It takes its primary inspiration from ultra-simple yet delightful passive Vactrol Low Pass Gate modules such as the PassiVac and DPLPG, but adds JFET transistor input and output stages and an active LED control circuit, thus enabling the introduction of wonderful Damping (negative feedback) and Trigger functions, LED brightness offset, and a second filter stage. Combined, these features allow for incredible variable-cutoff overdrive and all pass filter sounds in addition to bouncy LPG Bongos and more.

The full DIY kit contains a panel, fully populated PCB, and all hardware and components needed to make a complete Boing! module. 

Also comes as partial kit with panel and SMD populated PCB or panel and bare PCB. Bare PCB comes with LDR for making your own vactrol.

SetonoxSynth Boing! build video

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