Erica Synths DIY – BBD delay/flanger PCBs & Panel Set

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Erica Synths DIY BBD Delay /FLANGER is one of few BBD (bucket brigade delay) chips based DIY modules. The module is designed to provide a variety of effects from flanger to delays with adjustable flavours and plenty of modulation possibilities. It has built in LFO with selectable shape and dedicated LFO output, delay time CV input with an attenuator, selectable feedback overdrive and feedback Send Return connectors, so you can apply external effects on feedback signal. Maximums feedback settings put the module in self oscillation, so it can be used as an experimental sound source, as well.


• 4092 stage BBD
• Up to 300ms delay time
• Delay time CV input with an attenuator
• Feedback Send Return circuit for external effects
• Built in LFO with dedicated output
• Two customizable feedback overdrive flavours
• LP filter on the output with selectable cutoff
• Dedicated Wet output

• Max Delay time 300ms
• Audio output amplitude 10Vptp
• CV amplitude (full span) 5V --+5V
• Panel width 14HP
• Module depth 45mm
• Power consumption 30mA @+12V, 20mA@ 12V

BOM and assembly instructions