Erica Synths DIY – Output (Polivoks inspired) PCBs and Panel Set

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This module is 35mm deep, skiff friendly, has solid mechanical construction and doesn’t require wiring. Output module allows you to interface your modular synth with external gear mixers or other synths with commonly used 3,5mm stereo jack, as well as it has high quality headphones preamp for monitoring your modular masterpieces. The module has L and R inputs, if you make stereo patches, but for mono patches R input is normaled to L input, so you automatically route the output to stereo mixer.

• L and R inputs
• 3.5mm stereo output jack
• 3.5mm headphones jack
• Headphones volume adjustment
• Skiff friendly design

• Audio output amplitude line level (optionally adjustable)
• Panel width 6HP
• Module depth 35mm
• Power consumption 20mA@+12V, 7mA@ 12V

BOM and assemby instructions