Erica Synths DIY – Swamp (Wogglebug clone) PCBs and Panel Set

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The SWAMP is random CV and audio generator inspired by famous Wiard Wogglebug module; it’s often a heart of self-generating patches and brings
controllable randomness in your modular system.

Random sounds and CVs in the Wogglebug are generated by interaction between two linear CD4046-based VCOs (Tone and Woggle), where frequency of each VCO is controlled by sample and hold circuit that takes input CV from Woggle VCO output. In addition Tone and Woggle audio ringmodulated output – Ring - is available.

Uses the К1100СК2, which is available from Infinite Machinery.

Three random audio frequency outputs
• External audio input routed to ringmodulator
• Three random CV outputs
• Clock input and output to sync the module to your modular system
• CV control over internal clock for even more extreme randomness
• Skiff-friendly design

BOM and assembly instructions

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