Kassutronics Dual VCA

Dual VCA based on the AS3360.

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Introducing our latest kit, the Kassutronics Dual VCA! This is another excellent design from Kassutronics based on the AS3360.

The VCAs are linear, DC coupled VCAs, suitable for both audio and CV processing. The control inputs have dedicated attenuators, and each VCA can be manually opened with the Bias control.

This module has a built-in mixer, summing the output of both VCAs and one auxiliary input into the Sum Out jack. This way, for example, multiple units can be daisy-chained to form a multichannel voltage controlled mixer.

The module is built around the AS3360 dual VCA chip, a clone of the CEM3360. Designed using 0805 SMD parts, except for the AS3360 which is DIP-16.