Kassutronics VCO 3340 Kit

8hp VCO from Finnish designer Kassutronics. Utilizing the AS3340, this module supplies saw, triangle, pulse and sine waveforms.
SKU: IM-K3340-K


  • Pulse, Saw, Triangle and Sine outputs 
  • Big frequency control + fine-tune control
  • PWM control, serves as attenuator for PWM input or as pulse width control when no PWM is connected 
  • Exponential (V/Oct) and linear FM inputs
  • Switchable hard and soft sync
  • 9mm pots, Thonkiconn jacks and all thru hole components on a single PCB 
  • 8hp Eurorack format
  • Genuine Kassutronics PCB and birch wood panel
  • Includes Alfa AS3340 VCO IC

Kassutronics           Kit bill of materials

Build instructions      Additional instructions


Robin Vincent from Molten Music Technology builds the Kassutronics VCO 3340 using this kit from Infinite Machinery

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