SetonixSynth Marsupial Dual VCF Full Kit - Eurorack

SetonixSynth Marsupial dual filter design based on the AS3350. Full kit.
Manufacturer: SetonixSynth

Made by SetonixSynth, the Marsupial is a new dual filter design based around the re-issued AS3350 filter IC, originally used in rare synths such as the Synton Syrinx, Crumar Spirit and Rhodes Chroma. Normalization between the control inputs and a Series/Parallel switch makes it simple to dial in a huge variety of unique and musical filter sounds.

This full DIY kit contains a panel, pre-soldered PCB, and all parts needed to build a fully working Marsupial. 

Marsupial build video

Watch this video to see the Marsupial in action.