SSI2131 Prototyping Board

Manufacturer: Infinite Machinery

Want to experiment with Sound Semiconductors SSI2131 VCO chip? This is the board to have. This small board measures 23mm x 45mm, contains an SSI2131 and all the components for generating saw, triangle and pulse audio waves from the SSI2131 VCO chip. The board supplies all the required voltages needed by the SSI2131 and also provides external taps for the +2.5V reference voltage and +5V.

Two trim pots are available for calibrating scale and high frequency 1V/Oct response.

The design of the board closely matches the reference design in the SSI2131 datasheet. To start generating output just add +12V, -12V and GND voltage supplies, input to the EXPO_FREQ input and PWM. Per the datasheet supply any desired bias to EXPO_FREQ. 

The board comes completely assembled and tested and is breadboard friendly.

SSI2131 Datasheet

Use this online calculator to tune the SSI2131 Prototyping Board or any other VCO using the SSI2131.

SSI2131 Tuner Calculator

SSI2131 Prototyping Board Schematic